Don’t do rugs!

Rugs to me are very addictive (hence the title) I cant stop collecting them. In the studio we have about twenty rugs but they are all hand picked by me and hung on the walls like the pieces of art that they are. When i happen to sell one i get sad and a little teary eyed but then it means i get to go on the hunt for the next one which makes me happy.

Rugs should make you happy, they should be an injection of colour or kaleidoscopic patterns on an otherwise bland floor. They will transform an oak floor or a beige carpet into a huge frame in which the rug is the masterpiece.

When looking for a rug to suit your needs remember you can always go bigger than you think and measure before you buy just in case it is too small. No point in hiding it away under that coffee table is there?

If you have no obvious colours to match to then go crazy and find the brightest coloured rug you can find or even just one that is in stark contrast to its surroundings. Life is colour and vibrancy so why wouldn’t you want that in your home.

The rug in the picture is hanging in Tannyoky Floors along with many more of my “masterpieces”.

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