Elka natural floor.

Bringing the beauty of nature to your home.

The timeless elegance of a wood floor brings warmth and beauty to every home. The variety of styles, colours and species give you a wonderful range to choose from and allows you to put your unique stamp on your living space.


Their laminate range reflects the beauty of nature, while still maintaining a consistent quality throughout every board. Our real wood engineered and solid ranges use high grade hardwood that has been primarily selected for its hard wearing quality to ensure dimensional stability and long lasting durability.


Real Wood Engineered Flooring

Elka engineered flooring is a truly practical product, chosen for its strength, flexibility of installation and overall stability. It perfectly mimics a solid wood floor, but is actually made of 3 or more layers of real wood with an upper layer of genuine hardwood. Its core strength comes from each layer being stacked in opposite directions, so it can be used in most areas of the home including conservatories and in conjunction with underfloor heating.




The real wood products capture all the rustic quality’s of wood and bring the very essence of nature into your home. Each floor board is unique, enriched with naturally occurring characteristics such as knots of various sizes, flared grain patterns, burls, sapwood and mineral streaks.

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