The time when we all had a single houseplant standing by the window is long gone. From now on, desire for your own little patch of green will become an integral part of your interior. You can create a lively, refreshing jungle in your home in no time.

Want to know the best news of all? The trend for botanical living is easy to apply. Even those without green fingers can get stuck in.

The return of houseplants was already kick-started by the cactus trend, but it’s only truly taking off now with plants filling our indoor spaces in their droves.

So why not retreat from the concrete jungle for a while and allow the jungle trend to weave its way into your home? In an indoor garden, there is endless scope for variety, from hanging plants and palm trees to ferns and tropical prints.


Houseplants are more than just a convivial and decorative addition to your home. They add an extra dimension, lift your spirits and have a positive effect on your health. These days, small plants surviving on sunlight and a little bit of water are everywhere. /p>

Epiphytes or air plants need very little attention to flourish. These do not have roots and so will thrive in a terrarium, or suspended in a himmeli planter. The kokedama has come over from Japan: a ball of moss in which your plant roots can grow. You can then hang it up on a cord, which explains its alternative name ‘string garden’.


And it’s not only real plants that are finding their way back into our interiors. Another easy way to bring nature indoors is opting for natural and floral prints on wallpaper or posters, dried flowers and feathers beneath a glass dome, or framed beetles or butterflies. Cushions and other home accessories with botanical prints also create a warm, botanical effect in your home.


The botanical look is not all about green. This can be effortlessly combined with natural colours such as earthy shades and soft tones. Raw materials such as tropical wood, rattan, bamboo, concrete or marble also fit well with this green look. Add high-gloss white for contrast and to give a refreshing finishing touch to your interior.


In one fluid movement, we can carry through the natural effect of this green trend into the foundations of the whole house: the choice of floor covering.

Opt for a floor with a natural look to create a warm effect. A stone floor exudes a certain rusticity and sense of safety, while the visible woodgrain in a wooden floor is highly authentic. Are you also keen to find a floor that is easy to maintain? Then opt for a skilful imitation in laminate or vinyl which mimics the traditional look and feel of a wooden floor.

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