Is your living room scattered with your children’s art- and craftwork? That’s your cue to decorate a brand-new playroom. Find out how to furbish it with the perfect floor.

Quick-Step Livyn vinyl floors


Look for a floor you can install yourself, as it makes the entire playroom project a lot more budget-friendly. What’s more, pick a floor that’s easy to clean, antistatic and scratchproof, capable of handling even the wildest toy car races. Also keep in mind that the room won’t stay a playroom forever. When your kids are in their teens, you’ll want to turn it into a study in no time — using the same floor.


Now, which floorcovering meets those standards? Carpet isn’t ideal: if only as much as a cup of yoghurt spills on the carpet, you’re in for some stubborn stains. Moreover, carpet catches dust: a definite no-go if your child has allergies.

Laminate is an ideal option. You can install it yourself and clean it in a jiffy, and it doesn’t even attract dust. And as if that weren’t enough: it’s impact-, scratch- and splash-resistant. Quick-Step’s laminate comes in every size and style, and never lose its shine and colour.


Vinyl is just as good for a playroom as laminate.Quick-Step’s Livyn luxury vinyl is the perfect fit for every family. Mum and dad will appreciate that it’s water-resistant, sound-absorbing and easy to install. And the kids will love its warm touch and trendy designs.

Made your choice, but still looking for some inspiration? Take a look at our interior tips.

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