3rd Floor.inc

My first love is flooring, be it old and worn or new and sparkly there is something amazing about the ground beneath our feet and how it affects out daily lives with its constant touch until the moment we swing our legs into bed and get ready for a new day.

It was only natural I was going to start my own flooring studio and that’s what i did! The Tannyoky Flooring Company is named after my beloved homestead in the townland of Tannyoky in Co Down, and it’s where i spend all my working hours, bringing the bold and the beautiful to people’s homes, introducing new ideas and products people have never even heard of.

From this came my second love, interior design. I find it was only natural to link these two worlds and that’s where 3rd floor.inc came from. I needed somewhere to display all the beautiful and creative things I see on my flooring journeys and share them with you all.

So I welcome you to have a look around.


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